J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

The Silent Promise

How a girl's tone and speech can break your heart.

The very first encounter with a girl is usually a silent one. I see her. She might see me too. But no word is spoken because the situation in which we meet is public, random. It’s just a plain coincidence.

With time, I have learned to subconsciously evaluate a girl’s attractiveness through four criterias. It’s not as much as a way to figure out if a particular girl is attractive but rather a way to understand why she charmed me in the first place. It is a post-meeting attempt of explanation rather than a on-the-fly numeral judgement.

The last time such an encounter occurred, it was at the library. Having my head stuck in books these days, I sought for a productive and rather silent environment to work in. I found an empty seat and started reading thoughtfully for a few minutes.

But then I lifted my head.

There was a gorgeous girl just a few tables ahead of me. Delicate arm movements, a subtle smile, and mid-long hair that concealed to a certain extent the perfect lines of her face. I can’t say I suddenly fell in love, but something struck me. It happens quite often actually…
As a result, I got side-tracked, and my reading capabilities went downhill.

Incapable of reading eyes,  I started wondering who she was, what she was studying, where her mind was wandering…

And then she said something out loud.

Her voice wasn’t particularly harsh sounding but the content of her words made her look like an uneducated spoiled urban princess for whom I have no interest whatsoever.

Needless to say I managed to finish my book.