J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

Retinas and waves

How to cope with the emotion of past experiences.

Perception is a personal process. It’s fueled by interactions, preconceptions, and related thoughts. It’s not something you can easily divert from its path, but may direct to some extent towards your intent.

But what can your intent be? There is actually no purpose in the way you perceive a person. You are only merely receptive to a wild, slow, unilateral vision of faded feelings.

On the other hand, you can lure people into a handcrafted idea of yourself. But is there a reward in being perceived well, or better, if it doesn’t lead to gratifying acts?

Though you sometimes get a glimpse of how people perceive someone in particular, it is impossible to conceive what they truly see in you. It is almost never shared directly, and almost always experienced simultaneously but at a distance. Being able to see but not feel the past, what you leave them and yourself are visions, not sensations.

I wonder how many lives were broken by the stillness of recognition when all you needed was a candle of truth.