J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

Passion & Reclusion

The deceptive feelings that close relations induce.

I can relate to this definition of beauty:

Beauty is what makes me forget everything else and just want to live in the now.

Where beauty is, my mind does not wander. It is self-sufficient. It is all I wish for. But, not unlike Joel Dueck, I can hardly enjoy it whenever it presents itself to me.

Desire is a feeling I artificially create. It is a self-inflicted point of focus by which I become haunted. There is no reason I can come up with which explains this particular process. But I know it to regularly happen.

When it does, the object of my attraction is usually the type of girl where commitment prevails.¬†And as I haven’t acquired the ability of perceiving beauty as a separate unprejudiced feature, my encounters always feel to have happened too soon.

For now, I am convinced that women live in love and men in solitude.