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In the mirror

Perfection is reached when you're unheard

I started learning violin in october. I’m now joining the orchestra.
Playing with other musicians isn’t new to me. I’ve played several times among other musicians, whether for rehearsals or live shows. But the violin holds the particularity of being just one violin among others playing the same part.

My skills are still average: my pitch is sometimes imprecise, and I even miss out some notes (it’s better to not play than to play false). What it eventually leads to is my violin standing out.

But I’m no soloist: I’m only part of a bigger entity. My role is to increase the intensity of an already present sound, not create a new one. It’s a whole new perspective compared to the piano (I usually played solo parts) or guitar (the solo or rhythm one, but you’re on your own playing that part).

Though you stand out at first, you gradually blend in. The better you perform, the less you’re individually heard. It’s likeĀ an opera: the purpose of an orchestra is to support the singing actors. It results in countless hours of work just to be invisible.

Any artistic work, however extraordinary, will always need to be provided some feedback, some external response, in the presence of an audience or fellow artists.

Yes: “Real artists ship”. Whatever you produce, it needs to be taken out there, put into perspective, and receive a relative judgement. Because the value you lay upon your own work includes the whole creative process and eventually overlooks the actual result.

So sing a song for people to hear.
Paint a portrait for people to see.
Or write a post for people to read.