J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

Going against the grain

How conservative people almost prevent you from becoming great

Whenever you address the desire of achieving something unprecedented, you find yourself facing daunting opinions because it conveys an image people ultimately find peculiar, ridiculous.

Your ability to achieve something great in a new domain is a perspective they rule out. They’re not used to it. Their mental image is stuck on what they have seen you doing in the past, they have no clue of all your potential because they can’t perceive what your mind is projecting.

I don’t blame their lack of vision, I blame their lack of belief.

You shouldn’t, in any circumstance, sell yourself short. The psychological barrier is┬áless a lack of confidence than a lack of faith. You can not fail, you can only refuse to do.

Any life-changing decision will trigger unfavourable reactions. People will conceal their surprise – questioning your sincerity, advice you against – questioning your decision, and wish you luck – questioning your capacity.

I hope to find someone who can see what is, where most people see what they expect.