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On the other side of a kiss

Have you noticed how movies tend to narrate the first genuine physical approach? It involves avoiding eyes and converging hands. Both potential lovers look away but each one let one of their hand wander timidly towards the other person. It’s a half-said question taking a shot at a favorable answer.

I already wrote about how this kind of friction can annihilate a latent relationship. You wait for a signal that never comes, a reason to act whereas there aren’t any reason not to act either. But you prefer waiting for a clear sign rather than face directly the absence of warnings to take the opportunity.

Actually, the reason I lack practice in drawing a sweet girl close is because I seldom need to. So, when I ultimately have to endorse the responsibility of a first contact, what I lack is not confidence but directions.

And when such an event takes place in a loud and smokey club, the profusion of noise and lack of intimacy prevent a gradual, kind-hearted discussion. The reason is clear: 2 of my 4 criteria (voice and speech) fall short in such an environment.

So I’m left staring at her eyes, which I’m unable to read, though they are the feature that seduced me in the first place.