J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

Ex nihilo

The art of inspiring yourself.

Artists live in the constant fear of inspiration, or should I say, the fear of losing inspiration. They await the brief instant of magic like a glimpse of extraordinary insight, in order to make the most of it whenever it comes knocking.

If you intend to achieve much, this approach is flawed. It supposes that inspiration is based upon coincidental subconscious reactions.

In order to create, you need to maintain a state of mechanical work, a state in which you daily operate prescribed courses, a state which prevents the friction of self-regulation. Frequency of execution will provide you with a powerful momentum.
No hills and no lows will overcome the anxiety of sudden divine guidance. By flattening the fluctuations, you rise the average.

Preserve a condition of eternal motion and you’ll find yourself navigating upon a vast and endless sea of ideas.