J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

Commited to transitions

When the only espace is to escape oneself.

I can not recall a time being more surrounded by indirect pressures of engagement. How easy is it to maintain a state of delicate romance?

Marriage is viewed as the ultimate commitment, though it is only a promise of commitment. Remaining unmarried carries the everlasting prospect of starting anew. A possibility despite which you stick together. What matters is not what you envision your relationship to be, but what you ultimately achieve.

I myself seem to be stretched between the constant search for affection (which I occasionally find) and the remote possibility of genuine grace. But devotion would require me to unveil the obsessive mystery I like and need to sustain, which would result in a level of intimacy I am not ready to take.

Somehow, the capacity of true romance is what I wish to believe in. But the only few I know who managed to achieve it are the only ones who truly know.