J. Thomas J. Thomas Music producer & aspiring writer

At the eleventh hour

The last shouts of a voice trailing away

Recently I came upon this article which relates the most common regrets a nurse has recorded from her dying patients. Out of the five, three of them (1, 3 and 5) are somewhat connected: they express a sense of missed opportunity and of permanent fallacy.

It often, if not always, relates to how one led his existence in regard to others, and what life they meant for him to live. The success one aims for is mistakenly linked to abiding by the rules and experiencing shallow short-lived recognition, whereas happiness is actually a choice fueled by introspection and leadership.

Although I consider being able to project myself decades ahead and perceive the potential void haunting my past, I still have fences to wriggle over, considering how I often don’t date the girl I want to be with but the girl I want others to know I’m with.

It takes time to discard our initial and natural restraints, but it only takes a second to expose them.

And I can only hope this revelation dawns on you soon enough for you to undertake whatever you intimately wish for.