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A short story about nearly nothing

I am a French writer musician living in Bordeaux, France.

I’ve started recording music in 2005. Most tracks from that period are incomplete works and rough drafts, and have never been published. For the last 4 years though, I’ve gathered a reasonable amount of experience and gear that have helped me write and release several tracks, now available on my SoundCloud. Nowadays, I mostly work with samples and electronic material.

As a side activity, I’ve been writing some articles on music, magic and modern life, and have published them in my Journal. They’re meant as a preparation for future and more serious writings, either in French or English.


This website was fully designed by myself. The layout is responsive and runs on a homemade WordPress theme, along with some jQuery custom functions. Body text is set in Gentium Book Basic, headings and titles in Bitter.


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If after having explored the contents of my website, you still need me to unveil some mysteries, feel free to contact me.

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